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Ship Shape Cleaners provides custom dry cleaning and laundry services to the marine and yachting industry. We have an extensive experience with specialty dry cleaning found on mega yachts and super yachts. The fact that we only service marine and yachting customers sets us apart from the competition and makes us your premier option for excellent service.
Our marine dry cleaning specialty includes itemslike custom bed covers, day covers, comforters, bead spreads, quilts, decorative pillow covers, throws, blanket, curtains and furniture covers. We specialize in unique fabrics like silk, wool, cashmere, velvet, satin, linen, microfiber and any other custom fabric out there.
Our marine laundry department will provide you with meticulous laundry and s ironing service for items like bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, shames, linens, table cloths and napkins. Our laundry technicians will work on each and every stain, and usually are successful with removing 95% of them. Other items we service in our laundry department are, mattress covers, mattress protectors, Duvets, Comforters, quilts, pillows, towels, bathrobes, and any item made of canvas or Sunbrella fabric.
Our expertise with laundry continues with items like runners, floor covers, carpet covers, furniture covers, Outdoor cushion covers, sun-pad covers, awnings and wet suits.
For the owners and guests on board we provide couture dry cleaning service for their personal clothingwith the utmost attention to details and personal care.
For the crew on board we provide dry cleaning and laundry service for the uniforms and personal clothing.
We also provide alterations and repairs services that include sewing, stitching, replacement of zippers, shortening or lengthening of curtains, patches, and any minor custom repair.
Our service is superior and our customer’s satisfaction is implacable, so go ahead and give us a call… you will not be disappointed.
Call us ant time at (954) 507-7800