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Sunbrella & Boat Covers Cleaning

Whether you need cleaning services for your boat's bimini top or dodger, or for your yacht tenders, your concern is keeping them clean. Dirt, salt, insects, mildew, and debris not only make your covers look dingy, but also shorten the life of the fabric. Good yachts and boat tender care will clean and condition all the fabric covers that shield you from the sun and harsh weather. With over 15 years serving marinas in South Florida, Ship Shape is well known for its boat cover cleaning services.

We Specialize In Sunbrella Fabric Cleaning

Sunbrella is a popular fabric for marine use because it is attractive, yet durable. It does a good job of keeping water and debris from the vessel below, but the secret to maintaining it is to clean it frequently before mildew and other stains embed themselves in the fabric and weaken it. At Ship Shape, we offer expert Sunbrella fabric cleaning, and can also help you take care of your canvas covers; for yacht cleaning that goes the extra mile. Aside from our expertise, we offer:

  • Free pickup and delivery of any items cleaned offsite.
  • We service any marina in South Florida.
  • Help to maintain your boat covers. Cleaning, on your schedule – 24/7!
  • Trained personnel who know the needs of yacht owners.
  • Free estimates and competitive pricing.

Complete Yachts And Boats Covers Care

Ship Shape also cleans covers for your yacht tenders to keep these small boats ready to go. We remove mildew and standing water that can leak into the boat below.

Check our testimonials and references for more reasons to entrust your boat covers cleaning to us. Just call Ship Shape today at (954) 507-7800.