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Carpet And Floor Runners Cleaning For Yachts

Since your yacht is your floating home away from home, you have many of the same soft surfaces on board as you do in your house on shore - and some of the same problems. Regular custom carpet runners, upholstery, and furniture cover cleaning is necessary to keep dirt and dust under control. On board your yacht, you may also have problems with water, salt, and sand that can shorten fiber life. Sunscreens, lotions, and body oils can stain your furniture. None of this is a concern if you turn over the cleaning duties for floor runners and covers to Ship Shape of South Florida.

Floor Runners And Covers | Cleaning On Your Schedule

For over 15 years, Ship Shape has been the go-to cleaning company in South Florida. As testimonials from our many satisfied customers will attest, we provide reliable runner cleaning for yachts, as well as upholstery and furniture cover cleaning. Although we are a regular presence in every marina in South Florida, we are able to accommodate your needs on demand.

  • Free pickup and delivery throughout South Florida, conveniently timed to your schedule.
  • Competitive prices, whether you have one soiled item or several floor runners and covers.
  • State-of-the-art dry-cleaning practices that are both effective at removing strains and gentle to the environment.
  • References available upon request.
  • Trained, experienced staff.
  • Unbeatable customer service.

Try Our Excellent Runners Cleaning For Yachts

At Ship Shape, we specialize in making short work of all your cleaning and laundry needs. Call us today (954) 507-7800 to make an appointment for us to pick up your floor runners and covers.