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Eco Friendly & Green Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly And Green Cleaning

Living in beautiful South Florida, where our beaches are our pride, we at Ship Shape realize our part in keeping them clean and safe to enjoy for humans and wildlife. Over 10 years ago, we made the commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning processes, and as a result, invested in top-of-the-line dry cleaning equipment that uses green cleaning processes and chemical products. Today, we are recognized by the Florida Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an eco-friendly cleaners.

Green Dry Cleaners Committed To You

What does this mean to you as a Ship Shape customer? It means that you will receive the same fast, quality service with free pickup and delivery that you have experienced over the past 15 years. Ship Shape handles the washing and dry cleaning needs of many yacht owners at South Florida marinas. You know that when you patronize environmentally friendly Ship Shape, you are doing your part to preserve our local beaches.

If you are a long-time Ship Shape customer, you may have been with us when we made the transition from traditional dry cleaning practices to more eco-friendly ones. Our customer base includes many clients with us since the beginning, which verifies that offering great, environmentally sound service makes for satisfied patrons. We're among the leading dry cleaners and laundry services in the area.

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Just call environmentally friendly Ship Shape today at (954) 507-7800, to learn about our processes or to arrange for a free estimate.