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Sofa Covers Dry Cleaning

Custom sofa covers add style whether you use them on the furniture in your quarters, or have colorful Sunbrella outdoor sofa covers on deck. Especially on your outdoor furniture, you need frequent dry cleaning to keep them in good condition. With 15 years of experience, Ship Shape offers excellent cleaning services to its South Florida customers.

Because people enjoy sitting on your furniture to eat and drink, even the most high-end couch is subject to food and drink stains. When you use a couch on deck, your outdoor sofa covers must also endure the ravages of wind, weather, mildew, and passing birds. Prompt attention to any type of stains on your furniture covers will return them to their pristine state.

Dry Cleaning Custom Sofa Covers Is Our Specialty

Ship Shape makes it easy to keep up with the dry cleaning for your custom sofa covers and other furniture maintenance needs.

  • Free pickup and delivery from any marina, shipyard, or home in South Florida.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Caring, professional technicians treat your custom sofa covers right.
  • State-of-the-art dry cleaning techniques that use environmentally friendly products.
  • Special expertise in working with Sunbrella outdoor sofa covers.
  • Complete laundry and dry cleaning services for all the fabrics you use on board.

Call For Free Pickup And Delivery

Yacht owners throughout South Florida have used the services of Ship Shape for dry cleaning indoor and outdoor sofa covers for over 15 years. Our customer satisfaction ratings are excellent. Call (954) 507-7800 for references or to arrange a pickup for your furniture covers today.