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Wet Cleaning

Expert Wet Cleaning For Yachts

When you're on board your boat or yacht, you may be piloting the boat, fishing, enjoying drinks on deck, or entertaining in the cabin below. Your clothes can take a beating from salt water, food stains, or grease from sun screen or lotions that require prompt cleaning and careful attention to washing care requirements. At Ship Shape, we offer excellent wet cleaning for clothes and uniforms made of washable fabrics.

Wet Cleaning for Linens And Sheets

For those items that do not require custom dry cleaning, we offer wet cleaning services to keep them looking and smelling great, while assuring they last longer. We even offer wet cleaning for delicate fabrics used in table linens and comforters.

  • Linens for your table, bed, and bath.
  • Tableclothes and napkins.
  • Sheets and pillow cases.
  • Blankets, throws, and spreads, duvet covers, and comforters.

At Ship Shape, we offer you 15 years of experience in wet cleaning for yachts. Not only do we take the best possible care of your fabrics, we do so on your schedule and to your specifications.

  • Free pickup and delivery right at your marina.
  • Prompt on-time service.
  • Special services, such as wet cleaning for delicate fabrics.
  • Professional assessment of whether your garments or other textile items need wet cleaning or dry cleaning services.
  • Knowledgeable personnel and friendly service.

Ship Shape has an unbeatable record in South Florida for wet cleaning services. Call us today at (954) 507-7800 to order a pickup